Most Popular Questions

1. Why choose Daly College Business School?

We’ve built our reputation on career-focused degree. Being a student at
Daly College Business School is about so much more than just acquiring knowledge. Studying here gives you the opportunity to realize your potential as an individual and grow as a professional, acquire the skills and tools to thrive in whatever you choose to do.

2. What program is available at Daly College Business School?

Our program is Bachelor in Management (Business Studies). Please see the curriculum section.

3.Why to opt for a program in collaboration with an international university?

Our global link – It’s easy to get stuck in the bubble – to limit yourself to what is familiar and safe. It’s only when we break out of what we know that we begin to experience what true life is all about.

DCBS has collaboration with Leicester Business School of De Montfort University, U.K. Please see the Partnership section.

4. What qualifications are acceptable?

The applicants shall apply with CBSE/ISC/ CIE /IB/state board grade XII result.

5. Are my grades /percentage good enough for DCBS?

Please see the Eligibility criteria.

6. What fees will I have to pay?

There are different levels of tuition fees at different levels. Please refer to the information in the Fee section.

7. Do I need an English language qualification?

It is essential that your English language skills are good enough for you to undertake an intensive and challenging academic course that is taught and examined in English. However, you are exempted from TOEFL/IELTS to pursue our course.

8. How do I apply?

The application process is really quite straightforward.

To apply at Daly College Business School, submit application form online. The form is available in the Admission procedure section.

9. What is the admission procedure?

Once you have submitted your application you will be asked to submit a Statement of Purpose followed by an online interview.

10. What should an SOP include?

Your Statement of Purpose is your opportunity to tell us about your course interest(s) and why you’d be a good student for this course. The process of writing your SOP can also help you to better understand your academic interests and motivations.

At DCBS, all admissions decisions are based solely on academic criteria –
ability and potential. Therefore, in the Statement of Purpose, we’re looking for a few of the following responses from you:

.Your personal and professional reasons of why this program and DCBS! (Max 200)

.The skills that you have or you would like to hone up which could be beneficial for this program! (Max 200)

.Few attributes of your personality possibly with an example for each to support! (Max 200)

.The role that you would usually play in a team – Leader, creator, organizer, moderator etc! (Max 200)

.Any situation of an achievement that you feel proud of! (Max 200)

.Work or voluntary experience you have undertaken or any extracurricular activities you’ve taken part in! (Max 200)

.Your idea of having an international outlook! (Max 200)

Such information is often used as a basis for discussion at interview.

11. What should students know about visas?

Our Visa counselors at Daly College Business School and De Montfort University will provide information and guide you about applying for a student visa.

12. Will program for 2020 be running normal in October (Term I)?

Please refer to the information in the COVID-19 FAQs page.

13. Tips for parents

Studying at Daly College Business School and De Montfort University is an
exciting opportunity. Your ward will experience new cultures and languages, eat things they’ve never tried before, make new friends and have fun. But importantly they’ll gain a valuable domestic as well as international perspective in their study and forge global career connections.

A four months long summer vacations as per the UK calendar are suffice to offer and avail good corporate and community based internship opportunities to your wards that prepare them to be industry-ready and comprehend an employee psyche.

A regular Wellness Program at DCBS under the guidance and care of a
Counselor is yet another unique need of the youth today that we ably understand. We organize regular interactive training and one-on-one session for our students’ positive mental health.

It is being observed that your ward’s academic performance is directly
linked with the attendance. At DCBS we have devised a system of Personal Tutoring by the faculty members. Your ward’s regular attendance is monitored and conveyed to you every fortnightly.

Before the term we ensure that you as parents are acquainted with our
unique system of UK based university while after each term end we organize Parents’ Teacher meet to brief you about your wards’ performance and the need-based areas of improvement.

Our year long curricular and co-curricular activities and celebrations of
festivals and events enable your wards to be effective team players and collaborators both in local and international academic scenario.

An in-house café and lunch services on payment basis with full hygiene and
safety is offered to all our students. DCBS follows all the guidelines as per the Ministry of HRD for food habits. A fully secured campus along with accommodation facility for girls under the pastoral care of a full time warden is offered at DCBS.

14. I have a question that isn’t answered here! Who can I contact for further help?

If you need further advice on undergraduate study at Daly College Business School, please contact Admissions Office at – , or call at +91-82692-55999, +91-731-271007, and we’ll be happy to help.

15. Questions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic

If you have any admissions queries relating to the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, please see our COVID-19 FAQs page..


  • The classrooms are spacious, air conditioned and equipped with multimedia and Audio-Visual equipments to foster effective learning.
  • The classrooms are designed to have maximum interaction between faculty and students.
  • The campus also has mentoring rooms to discuss individual student’s specific problems.

Computer & Internet Facilities

  • Computer facilities at DCBS, includes a well-equipped computer lab, which houses 30 computers connected to the server with local area network.
  • The campus has a Wi-Fi (wireless) system with 24 hours network connectivity.
  • The school has its own ERP system, which facilities online attendance and evaluation.
  • In addition, the intra-net / e-Black Board are used to publish detailed lecture handouts to enable students access module related information/ lecture notes.


  • The library on campus houses a good range of reference & core textbooks.
  • It also subscribes to the good number of leading national & international business journals, periodicals, magazines & newspapers.
  • The library has its own collection of CDs, DVDs and Multimedia kits.
  • The library subscribes to EBSCO & Athens Business source premier, which provide access to more than 7000 international journals in full-text format.

Girls’ Hostel

  • The Girls’ hostel situated in the campus provides an excellent and secured lodging alternative to outstation girl students.
  • The hostel has well furnished rooms with attached facilities, a common recreation room with all the modern facilities and a small pantry.
  • The hostel enjoys 24 hours broadband Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet connectivity. Newspapers, magazines· Llaundry and mess facilities are also provided to the hostel residents.