5R is a new Mantra of Clean Indore Drive – Padmashri Janak Palta

Reduce , Reuse, Refuse, Recycle and rethink are 5 R which has become an integral part of “ Swachhta ka panch” Says Padmashri Janak Palta in a Webinar organized by Daly College Business School. She is the IMC brand ambassador for this year’s Swacchta Campaign”. She further stressed that Shoppers need to change their attitude and must avoid products which are harmful for the environment. Everyone must follow the concept of “zero waste” and must openly refuse goods packed using plastic material. She further stated that reusable products should be part of our life. Instead of disposable, or plastic bags we all must carry our own bag and kit. She also shared useful tips to reduce the use of products with harmful chemicals, like for washing utensils we can use dry lemon peel power. Plastic cups can be used for planting the saplings. She motivated all students by citing the inspiring story of the first women commissioner of IMC. Despite her pregnancy Mrs Pratibha Pal was on round the clock on duty to make this campaign successful. She urged all future business managers to be socially responsible and awaken citizens.

Bureaucrats will be transferred, Political parties may change but Indore belongs to Indoreans, so it’s our primary responsibility to keep our city clean just like our home. Mr Sameer Sharma of famous startup “Swaha” also shared interesting information on the waste generated by one family which is close to 270 KG on an yearly basis. During COVID this number also increased. He stressed that we all must understand the importance of waste segregation which starts from our home. Webinar was attended by all Staff and students of Daly College Business School.