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As we set up the globally appreciated academic benchmarks of corporate exposure, we ensure bespoke excellence of management education in all our endeavours; be it curricular, co-curricular or extra -curricular arenas of events and interventions. At DCBS, we focus on the learning from the veterans, who can be a friend, philosopher and guide to our students. Here are a few glimpses of the guest lectures at DCBS.

YEAR 2022

  • An online interactive session on ‘Developing the Right Risk Culture with IRM’s Qualifications’ was held in conjunction with Indore Management Association on 21 st July, 2021. Mr. Sunder Natarajan, the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at India First Life Insurance who is also a Certified Member (Level4) of the IRM, sensitized the participants about the changing face of business and risk management practices relevant in the current times versus older times. He explained various risk aspects taking contemporary examples from industries like insurance. Highlighting that the Risk management plays a crucial role in all the businesses, Mr Natrajan emphasized over the risk factor rising beyond finance and compliance. He also spoke about a few top risks by likelihood and by impact in varied sectors of businesses. Ms. Kosha Shah, Head of Academics & Operations at IRM India Affiliate, introduced the 5-Level Pathway of IRM qualifications / memberships and the advantages of DCBS unique collaboration under which student or professional of Indore region enrolling for IRM level 1 examination through DCBS will be eligible for 20% scholarship.
  • DCBS was delighted to organise an exclusive orientation session by IRM India CEO-Mr. Hersh Shah, a CA by profession and an IIMB Alumnus on ‘How to become risk-intelligent: Highest paying career in India’ for all DCBS students, alumni, and beneficiaries on 30 th September, 2021. Risk is inevitable but can we change risk into opportunities? Mr Shah highlighted the importance of timely risk management to take proactive steps towards risk mitigation for success in the complex business world. He also emphasized that by studying Enterprise risk management one can become risk intelligent and have an access to be a risk professional which is the highest paying career in India.
  • DCBS students interacted with two young entrepreneurs – Mr. Anubhav Dubey, co-founder Chai Sutta Bar from Indore and Mr. Siddhant Dugar, CEO – Designer exports, Kolkata. In this interactive session held on 13 th October, 2021, the entrepreneurs shared their stories, challenges and insights on addressing the business issues with the budding entrepreneurs of DCBS. The session was organized in association with the Asian Institute of Family Managed Business and DCBS Rotaract Club. The session was conducted by President – DCBS Rotaract Club and level 5 student Vidhi Soni and moderated by Dr. Shreshth Chhabra, DCBS faculty member. The vote of thanks was presented by Level 4 student Garvit Madaan.
  • Family businesses are way too more intriguing than what they appear to be when the second or third generation is on the verge of being inducted in their own family business. Despite what it appears to be but this transition is not as simple as it sounds. The generation gap in business has many facets and can be termed as ‘The Critical Juncture’. Mr. Amber Arondekar, a seasoned entrepreneur and corporate trainer who has helped many family owned businesses to undergo this transition times optimally for the past 11 years spoke to DCBS students about getting future ready for transition in their family businesses. He lets his participants see the other side of truth with relative ease. His session held on 20 th October, 2021 was mesmerizing for the students and left them with a strong message – “After all taking a hit on bottom lines is OK, but taking a dent on relationships is not a right idea.”
  • As an initiative to break the ice and add to increased interaction among the studetns, Year 2 students Vidhi Soni and Diva Agarwal briefed the Year 1 students about Introduction to DMU Blackboard on 27 th October, 2021. Blackboard is a web-based virtual learning environment used at DMU to support learning. They talked about the common issues faced by the students when using Blackboard.
  • DCBS organised an interactive session on addiction prevention on 09 th November, 2021 as an initiative under DCBS Rotaract Club by Rotary International. Ms. Deepa Prasad, Senior Clinical Psychologist from Ankur Rehabilitation Center was invited as an expert for the session. The session opened up with defining the term addiction. The expert emphasized the idea that we need to understand addiction more as a mental concern and not only the physical craving. The ambit of addiction includes both substance and non- substance abuse like addiction to mobile/ computer. The younger generation is in the non – substance abuse as well. The discussion went on to uncover the five stages of addiction – First use (which is mostly due to sensation of adventure), Regular use, Risky use (it reaches the threshold and person starts using it on work / to generate performance / during driving etc.), Dependence and Behavioural outcomes. Social Stigma to approach for an expert help, Family Support and the self -awareness whether the person (addict) recognizes that there is a problem and he needs help are the three most important aspects to take care in the process of de-addiction. Dr Prasad shared that even if one is not addicted, he should spread awareness regarding addiction and help addicts in getting the proper and timely care. Students sought clarity to their queries regarding the subject and felt informed about the taboos and the ways to overcome them. The session was coordinated by Dr Shreshth Chhabra while Vidhi Soni, President Rotaract Club, DCBS extended gratitude towards the expert on behalf of DCBS.
  • DCBS hosted a Referencing Workshop by Dr. Never Muskwe, Associate Professor in HRM, Head of Undergraduate Human Resource Management (HRM) Studies, HRM Subject Leader at DMU on 12 th November, 2021. Referencing allows the student to acknowledge the contribution of other authors and researchers in their work. The university assignments draw on the ideas, words or research of other authors which must contain citations, and this has been rigorously followed at DCBS. The session was organized by Dr. Rinku Joshi.
  • A collaborative speaker session on promoting Family Business amongst next-generation women was organised at DCBS in association with FICCI-FLO on 25 th November, 2021 on the theme ‘Changing Mind-sets towards Family Business: Harnessing the Potential of Women’. The speaker Prof. Samish Dalal, Associate Professor at SP Jain School of Global Management, enlightened the women entrepreneurs on what pitfalls to avoid and how to grow their business.
  • DCBS organised an orientation session for its students on Budget on 1 st Feb, 2022. Dr Shruti Maheshwari oriented DCBS students and staff with the highlights of upcoming budget and its significance.
  • The rupee-dollar trajectory will likely remain volatile in the near term till there is a definitive agreement between Ukraine and Russia. Besides, multi-year high inflation across global economies, along with a dovish RBI policy, is expected to keep dollar demand pumped up in the markets. This was emphasized by Mr Rakesh Mamodia, Asst. General Manager -State Bank of India while conducting a Seminar on ‘Modalities of Foreign Exchange’ in Daly College Business School on 24 th February, 2022. He further stated that geopolitical developments, crude oil prices, and reversal in low-interest rate regime will guide the currency markets over the next few months as the actual impact of these events is yet to be fully priced in by the markets. Mr Mamodia emphasized that before looking closely at how different currencies may react to the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is necessary to take a step back to understand the current situation in the energy market and its implications for the forex market. While discussing the basics he stated that the Foreign Exchange rate (Forex rate) is one of the most important means through which a country’s relative level of economic health is determined. A country's foreign exchange rate provides a window to its economic stability, which is why it is constantly watched and analysed. If you are thinking of sending or receiving money from overseas, you need to keep a keen eye on the currency exchange rates. It may fluctuate daily with the changing market forces of supply and demand of currencies from one country to another. For these reasons; when sending or receiving money internationally, it is important to understand what determines exchange rates. Mr Mamodia stressed on those factors that influence currency exchange rates. It is worth noting that these factors affect currency exchange rates at a macroeconomic level, meaning they affect global currency exchange rates and not local exchange rates. The session was coordinated by Dr. Ratish Gupta and Dr. Shruti Maheshwari.

YEAR 2021

Daly College Business School invited Dr Priyanka Mokshmar, a Doctorate and an MBA in marketing for a speaker session on 29 th January, 2021. Dr Mokshmar is successfully running her own start-up along with her husband in the name of VAAYU. She conducted a speaker session motivating students to think out of the box and take the plunge. Dr Mokshmar shared her journey of personal experiences, hardships encountered and the good days experienced in her life while managing the business. She shared how the company came up with new UV products in the pandemic times, how they worked relentlessly for it and how the products became a success. Dr Mokshmar through her inspiring story encouraged students to work and stay motivated in every scenario. The session was coordinated by Mrs Yamini Chhajlany.

The key takeaways for this session were:

  • Where there is a will there is a way.
  • Never give up on your dreams. Always keep working and give in all that you have to get what you dream of.

'Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle and Rethink are 5 R’s which have become an integral part of ‘Swachhta ka Panch’, says Padmashri Janak Palta in a webinar organized by Daly College Business School on 4 th February, 2021. Dr Palta has been appointed as the IMC Brand Ambassador for this year’s Swachhta Campaign. She stressed that shoppers need to change their attitude and must avoid products that are harmful to the environment.

Bureaucrats will be transferred, political parties may change but Indore belongs to Indoreans, so it's our primary responsibility to keep our city clean just like our home. Mr. Sameer Sharma of famous start-up ‘Swaha’ also shared interesting information on the waste generated by one family which is close to 270 KG on a yearly basis. During COVID this number also increased. He stressed that we all must understand the importance of waste segregation which starts from our home.

The key takeaways of the session were:

  • Everyone must follow the concept of ‘zero waste’ and must openly refuse goods packed using plastic material.
  • Instead of disposable, or plastic bags, reusable products should be a part of our life, we all must carry our own bag and kit.
  • Useful tips to reduce the use of products with harmful chemicals, like for washing utensils we can use dry lemon peel power.
  • Plastic cups can be used for planting the saplings.

If the government gives money to the rich, they will invest but if the government provides money to the poor they will spend and eventually will create demand and will generate profits for the rich and boost money circulation in the economy. These views were expressed by renowned Market Analyst Mr Deepak Mohoni also coined the popular term “SENSEX” in a webinar organized by Daly College Business School on 11 th February, 2021. According to Mr. Mohoni Budgets, 2021 is as per industry expectation and government policies are in the right direction as globally all governments are taking similar steps and pumping liquidity in the economy. He felt that the interest rates are going to remain subdued and the government will ensure growth and liquidity. He also recommended books to students and advised them to continuously update themselves by undergoing relevant certifications that are available on various platforms.

The key takeaways of the session were:

  • Retail Investors should not look for targets rather should stay invested for the long term.
  • Only Equity long term investment can beat inflation but it is always advisable to retail investors that they should venture through instruments like Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) or Mutual Funds.  
  • At any given point of time one should always keep at least 25% of liquidity for unforeseen events which normally happens in stock markets and can provide a good opportunity to buy stocks during corrections.
  • Investment in Stocks is risky and therefore it cannot substitute the regular income and one should not take it as a business, rather it should be taken as a serious investment tool that can generate handsome returns over a period of time which builds a corpus for the future.
  • There is no shortcut and a depth study is required if someone wants to venture into stock markets.
  • Many open sources are available and investors should make full use of it for research activity. Business Start-ups was an interactive session with Mr Satyanarayan Dasari hosted by Programme Coordinator, Mrs Poojae Sethi, for the students of Marketing Communications & Brand Management module. Mr Satyanarayan Dasari, Creative Director at Origin Hak Communications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai having more than 31 years of experience in Creative Advertising, Corporate Communication & Writing threw light on how creativity can enable to communicate with the target audience effectively. He shared some of the creative advertisements that have been published by their ad agency for various clients and related these to the various concepts of branding and marketing communications. Mr Dasari emphasised the facts and the minute details that business start-ups must take into consideration for a successful launch and also reflected upon experiences with the various platforms and executional styles. This was in line with the requirements of the module where the students develop a marketing strategy for various brands. The students were given a chance to build and develop the Marketing Communications for a business start-up –  Koochi Poochi. Koochi Poochi is a start-up and will cater to a niche segment – the new borns' and toddlers. 

To enhance the learning outcomes of the students and also contextualizing learning, the students worked on this upcoming brand and developed a branding and marketing communication strategy for this baby range of products. The baby range offered was baby lotion, bath gel, shampoo, powder and baby cologne, to be launched in India/Singapore markets. Student had to design their media strategies based on the product and the market of their choice. What makes it special is that the start-up is by DCBS alumni, Harshayl Sethi and Preeat Sethi. Students worked on a real life case. The students who have done well and set out creativity will be awarded a certificate by the start-up company. It was an enriching session that gave the students a feel of actual business development, truly practical and not just theoretical.

DCBS IMA Student chapter hosted a Panel Discussion on the 'Changing Face of the Financial World' on 5th February, 2021. HH Narendra Singhji Jhabua, President, Board of Governors, DC Society graced the session as a special Guest of Honour. The facilitators of the sessions were CA B.P. Inani, Co-Founder, Swan Angel Network; CA Poonam Khandelwal, Managing Partner, Venture Catalysts; & CA Navin Khandelwal, Vice President, IMA, Insolvency Professional and Registered Valuer, who enlightened on the start-up journey from early civilization to current scenario to all the students and faculty members from different colleges of Indore. The Panel discussed contemporary topics like Cryptocurrency, SPAC, Block chain and advanced financial products with a concluding message that change is constant.

The key takeaways of the session were:

  • There is no silver bullet solution to your problem. Learn from everything you read but don't believe that just following one approach will solve all your issues.
  • Data collection and analysis are the key to create more innovative financial products.
  • Valuation is simply the by-product of how much money the start-up needs against how much liquidity to be diluted.

In association with IMA Student Chapter an Interactive Session on Digital Recharging Your Career in 2021 & Beyond was conducted in February 2021 by Dr. Raj Padhiyar, Founder-Digital Gurukul (Leading Edtech Company in Asia). He emphasized the importance of digital marketing and social media as an important tool in every business today. Digital marketing and social media is a stream everyone will eventually have to keep pace with to stay in the business game. The key takeaway of the session was that “What you see is what sells”.

DCBS IMA Student chapter organized a Speaker session with Ms. Aishwarya Bedhotiya, Life Coach on 19 th February 2021. The Guest of Honor His Highness Maharaja Narendra Singh Ji Jhabua, President, Board of Governors, DC Society spoke on the occasion and motivated the students to excel in the chosen field.

  • Ms. Aishwarya Bedhotiya, spoke about “Procrastination” and the actual science behind why do we “Procrastinate” and simple tips of overcoming it for a more productive and fulfilling life.
  • The key takeaways of the session were understanding the tools that can help one stop procrastinating:
  • The personal vision is one of the core tools, it helps one understand one’s skills and priorities, and by creating one, the person will never feel lost in what is it that he wants to do with his life.
  • The To-Do Today method is there to help one get the most important and urgent tasks done every day, while also helping one prioritize the work on his schedule and limit new tasks. 
  • Learning new habits is one of the basic elements of personal development. If we make a habit of doing something, its implementation requires less mental energy to do it.
  • It is important to make time for "Meeting with Yourself" a time allocated just for you! During your meetings, you can focus on long-term planning and the overall retrospective of your personal growth.

YEAR 2020

  • Coordinated by Dr. Rinku Joshi, Mr. Utkarsh Rajkotia, the Student Ambassador at DMU and Year 3 student took a session on Life at DMU for DCBS students in January, 2020.
  • Graduation is the time when a student is a half-filled vessel, prospers to its absolute potential if poured with the right knowledge. We put constant efforts from the day one of a student’s journey at DCBS to channelise a young mind's energy towards productivity. Coordinated by Mrs Yamini Chhajlany in January 2020, Mr. Jitesh Manwani, a Business Consultant and Coach, conducted a session on 7 Pillar Startup Success Model where he enlightened the students on marketing, sales, operations, H.R., finance, R&D, and management that surrounds a successful business model.
  • Mental health is often ignored in today's world, we must heal and overcome from what hinders our growth. It was a pleasure for all of us to be addressed by Dr. Sudhir Khetawat, an old Dalian and an expert in alternative medicine namely Acupressure and Hypnosis. We were glad to have His Highness Maharaj Narendra SinghJi Jhabua, President BoG, Daly College Society amongst us. In the session on Subconsious Mind and its Power to Heal held in January 2020 Dr. Khetawat highlighted the power of subconscious mind, power of suggestions and its role in promoting healing. The importance of acupressure for better circulation and information related to acupressure points for common ailments was shared with the audience. Dr. Khetawat enthralled the audience with live demonstration of healing on the basis of acupressure and 3 finger technique. The session was coordinated by Mr. Om S Chauhan.
  • ‘No one can Ignore it…Would you like to!’…just observe the number of hours you and your acquaintance are devoting on various social media sites!!!! That's the world of Digital marketing!!! You can like it, you can unlike it but you cannot ignore it – such a wonderful emphasis by the author, entrepreneur and Digital Market Trainer Dr. Raj Padhiyar was given during a Seminar on Digital Marketing organised by Daly College Business School in March, 2020 and coordinated by Dr. Ratish Gupta & Mrs. Yamini Chhajlany. In addition to various tools of digital and social media marketing the inputs on monitoring and feedback leading to the scope for course correction was a feather to the content. Dr. Padhiyar emphasized the importance of website audit and Search Engine Optimization.
  • DCBS Alumni and Social Media Content Creator for Fashion/Motherhood/Travel/Lifestyle/Fitness Ms. Ishna Batra had an exclusive interview with the Student Ambassador Yashvi Patle, our year 3 student in August 2020. She gave students tips related to Starting Your Own Blog. The talk was coordinated by Mrs. Yamini Chhajlany.
  • DCBS was delighted to organise a workshop by The Institute of Risk Management (HQ: UK) which is the world's leading body for Enterprise Risk Management Qualifications run by professional members in October 2020. Coordinated by Dr. Rinku Joshi and Dr. Shruti Maheshwari, IRM India CEO-Mr. Hersh Shah, a CA by profession and an IIMB Alumnus, conducted the online workshop on Risky Business in a Risky World. The students and staff learnt about the importance of risk management with complex problem solving, effective decision making and critical thinking skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a risky world. DCBS feels immense pleasure to announce the exclusive DCBS-IRM Collaboration across the entire Indore region for IRM certification courses.
  • A webinar on HR Analytics was organized for DCBS students in association with Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Indore in November 2020. The guest speaker was Ms. Krutika, a seasoned HR Professionalwho briefed the students about blended Campus to Corporate Program in the domain of HR Analytics. The session aimed at moulding the budding professionals on the basis of Industry requirements and coordinated by Dr. Rinku Joshi.
  • Mr. Chintan Bhandari, an old Dalian and currently the Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, APAC Headquarters, Hong Kong took an online session on The Role of Accounting in Business in November 2020. He enlightened the audience on the importance of Accounting at every stage of a professional’s life irrespective of whether that person is a qualified accounting professional. The session was coordinated by Dr. Shruti Maheshwari.
  • IMA’s DCBS Student Chapter was delighted to host a successful motivational Management Film Show in association with Indore Management Association on the movie ‘Jab We Met’ by Mr. Shashank Kasliwal, Director at Emotional Intelligence Inc. & Author of ‘Freedom from the I’. The program attracted huge coverage in media. The session was coordinated by Dr. Ratish Gupta and Dr. Pratibha Chaurasia.
  • DCBS hosted an International Workshop on Referencing by Dr. Never Muskwe, Associate Professor in HRM, Head of Undergraduate Human Resource Management (HRM) Studies, HRM Subject Leader at DMU in November 2020. Referencing allows the student to acknowledge the contribution of other authors and researchers in their work. Any university assignments that draw on the ideas, words or research of other authors must contain citations, and this has been rigorously followed at DCBS. The session was organized by Dr. Rinku Joshi.
  • Our alumnus Rajat Bhargava, who is the owner of some of the well-known luxury brands of the country, enlightened the students and staff gathering with his inspirational story and his insights on Luxury Brand Marketing especially from the perspective of the local market in December 2020 in a session coordinated by Mrs. Yamini Chhajlany.
  • Despite the lockdown, the learning never stopped at DCBS. An Online Family Business Summit 2020 was organised jointly by the prestigious Daly College Business School and Asian Institute of Family Managed Business – a ‘not for profit’ institution on 6 th June, 2020. The keynote speaker was Prof. Samish Dalal, Associate Professor at SP Jain School of Global Management and he was joined by AIFMB Ambassador Mr. Om Thaker, CA and MBA from SP Jain School of Global Management. The Topic of the Summit was Challenges and Opportunities in Family Managed Businesses. Dr. Rinku Joshi, the dynamic Director of Daly College Business School showcased our unique institute and programme before the participants. Dr. Vibha Sahu, faculty member at DCBS and Dr. Sujata Roy, Program Director, AIFMB were coordinators for this summit. President DC Society HH Narendra Singh Jhabua graced this event with his inspiring presence. There was an overwhelming response for this summit with good number of registered participants joining from various institutions, universities, businesses, students from varied institutes all across India.

YEAR 2019

  • 25 th July 2019- Ms. Vividha Patni (Vice President- Outgoing Exchange- AIESEC 2019-2020)- International Internship
  • 7 th May 2019- Ms. Kinjal Gandhi- UK Visa orientation session
  • 19 th Mar 2019- Ms. Tuba Ansari (Founder and CEO at One stop institute)- Career Counselling
  • 26 th -27 th Feb 2019- Mr. Ashish Bansal (Founder brandecode)- Digital Social and content marketing workshop (certificate of consultancy to students who attended the 2 days workshop )
  • 21 st Feb 2019- Mr. Ajay Bagadia (Advocate)- Awareness on Legal Issues
  • 18 th Feb 2019- AIESEC chapter office President interactive session with DCBS students whereby 17 students registered
  • 13 th Feb 2019- Mr. Anand Gupta (CEO and founder of First source energy India Pvt. Ltd.)- Solar Cells and Solar Technology
  • 7 th Feb 2019- Mr. Ankit Jain (USA Based entrepreneur running a design company Ankit)
  • 1 st Feb 2019- Ms. Priya Agarwal – Fundamentals of Capital Market
  • 22 nd Jan 2019- Ms. Prachi Agarwal – Handling Peer Pressure and Better Self Management
  • 16 th Jan 2019- Ms. Disha Lulla (An old Dalian and currently a student and Campus Ambassador for Foundation of Arts and Design and Placements at DMU) – Life at DMU
  • 18 th Nov 2018- Dr. Never Muskwe (Associate Prof. In HRM at DMU)- Harvard Business Referencing Session
  • 17 th Nov 2018- Dr. Never Muskwe (Associate Prof. In HRM at DMU)- Human Relations
  • 16 th Nov 2018- Dr. Rajeshwari Ravi (Vice Principal- HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai)– Workshop on Creativity and Advertising
  • 13 th Nov 2018-Dr. Subodh Srivastava (CEO iNTERD Services Pvt. Ltd.)- Unleashing the power within (Under IMA Student Chapter)
  • 14 th September 2018- Mr. Mayank Batra (Digital Marketing Trainer) – 2 days workshop on Digital Marketing