Program Outline

Bachelor in Management (Business Studies) (BMBS)

Business Studies is driven by commercial, environmental, social, and economic influences. It is a constantly developing and challenging area to study and work in. The broad philosophy of this programme is to provide students with an appropriate base of relevant business knowledge, concepts, ideas, practices, and methodologies. Students have the opportunity to study many key areas in the business world and acquire critical skills to further their careers.

BMBS is an Undergraduate three-year degree programme in which the student completes the first two-year study in India and the third year at DMU, Leicester, U.K.

DCBS is proud of the quality and relevance of this Undergraduate course in complete compliance with the DMU norms. The kind of Support and opportunity along with teaching material is at the forefront of Business education.

Teaching and Learning

The main teaching methods used are interactive lectures, tutorials, and seminars. The diverse range of modules on the program provides the opportunity for experiencing a range of learning approaches like workshops, group work, projects, and reflections. Students are encouraged to make extensive use of IT-based learning through the University’s Blackboard system, which is a platform for on- line discussions, retrieval of information, library resources, workshops, learning, assessment, and links to other electronic sources.

Considering the present pressing times of COVID-19 outbreak, keeping the prime focus on student health safety along with quality learning, we are determined to provide our students with the best learning environment via Blackboard Collaborate and MS teams so that they may jostle smoothly and excel with time.

Our hybrid learning model will include a blend of both live (synchronous) and nonconcurrent (asynchronous) teaching sessions.

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web conferencing tool that allows students to Synchronously (i.e. live) take part in interactive sessions with their fellow students and lecturers.
  • DMU replay allows students to access recorded audio-visual content anytime and as many times they like to help reinforce their learning.
  • Microsoft team and face-to-face approaches will ensure our students receive the high-quality education experience they expect while still engaging with peers and lecturers.

We will give plenty of support to ensure students get all the tools they need to excel, no matter what level of ability they have.