internship is an important platform for managemnet students to learn new skills apply their academic knowledge in practical situation and for career exploration and development complying with our regulatory authority in india as well as honoring the applicability of theoretical concepts DCBS encourages and facilitates its students to pursue summer internships. They get practical insights related to business systems and processes on various industrial sectors.

So, the process of Summer Internship generally starts with companies coming in around October- November, so the same students need to apply for the respective company with their resume along with the personal and company name if they have interest in that particular profile. Subsequently, your resume will get shortlisted (mandatory), and following this company will call for the next round. Each company has its selection process some; will prefer Group Discussion and preceding Personal Interviews; some prefer taking a direct Interview. But most companies prefer the traditional routes of having Group discussions & Personal Interviews. So, if the student clears all the; then only he would be selected for that particular company.

DCBS has always encouraged its students not to restrict themselves but open up to new experiences to learn and grow. Aside from Case Based Learning, Guest lectures, Seminars, and extra-curricular activities, the Summer Internship Program (SIP) forms a critical component of education at DCBS. Remember, an internship allows you to gain valuable feedback on your abilities, skills, knowledge, and provides you with hands on work, additional training from the company, skill development and application and experience within a corporate setting. The experience you gain through an internship will help you use the knowledge and skills you are currently learning and apply them to real life experiences.

Some of the companies where DCBS students are offered internships are: