The De Montfort University Leicester, UK Visit – a week-long program combining fun and learning.

Offering globally appreciated academic benchmarks, exposure, and exchange, over the years Daly College Business School (DCBS) has forged a partnership with a prestigious institution like De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. Recently DCBS organized a week-long (6 November to 11 November) program for the visiting students and staff of De Montfort University. Comprising workshops, art classes, talks, yoga session, and travel, the program was specially crafted for the visiting members of the Leicester-based institution. Here is a quick look at day-wise events and activities as they unfolded.

Students and staff members of De Montfort University arrived on Sunday 5 November (Day One) and were heartily received in the true spirit – Atithi Devo Bhava (The Guest is Equivalent to God) – of welcoming guests in India.

Day Two (Monday 6 November) began with Dr Varun Soni (AICTE) addressing the guests on the India Immersion program. A memento was presented to Dr Varun Soni by Mr Om Singh Chauhan, Dean, DCBS. Then there was an inspirational talk by Dr Pankaj Gupta. This was followed by an engrossing Q&A session. Ms Julia Cook of De Montfort University also addressed the gathering. A vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Poojae Sethi Programme Coordinator Later the visiting team from De Montfort University, accompanied by students and staff of DCBS, visited the local village bazaar where a range of items, from spices and steel utensils to eateries and bangles, were on sale.

On Day Three (Tuesday 7 November) students of De Montfort University attended an Art Class and imbibed skills involved in Block Printing. This was followed by a talk by Mr. Virat Khutal on how E-Commerce is transforming the Indian marketplace. There was another talk by Mr. Shaan Munshaw on ‘Youth Transformation in India’. Then there was a panel discussion on home-grown brands of India, presided over by Dr. Ashish Sadh, Professor, Indian Institute of Management Indore. Then the visitors watched the critically acclaimed sports movie Dangal which was specially screened for them with English subtitles.This biopic gave these delegates a vivid picture of the Indian Value System. In addition, the students also learnt about various methods of advertisement and brand building in India.

There were a series of activities on Day Four (Wednesday 8 November). The Yoga and Heart Fullness session saw the staff and students of De Montfort University learning about Pranayam, the ancient science of breathing, and its techniques. There was a talk on ‘Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid’. Later Ms. Vinita Raj delivered an inspirational talk on ‘Emerging Women Entrepreneurs in India’. Then it was Rangoli time, where students paid tribute to this centuries-old art form by creating colorful designs and patterns using flowers. In the evening there was a cultural show by the visitors and students of DCBS. Later August members of the Board of Governors, Maharaja Narendra Singh Jhabua and Mr. Dheeraj Lulla, interacted with the guests and visitors during the college dinner hosted by the Principal, Daly College at the new guest house.

The visiting group attended an Art Class on Madhubani Painting, known for its eye-catching geometrical patterns, on Day Five (Thursday 9 November). This was followed by a briefing on Marketing Communication and a visit to an advertisement agency PSPL and met Mr. Rahul Jain its promoter ,This session was very informative and interesting, as it covered various aspects of advertising in India over the years and provided an insight the comparison of advertising of Indian brands viz a viz international brands Later students visited Rajwada, the acclaimed Maratha style city palace built by the Holkars in mid-18th century. The visit to the city market with its varied sights and sounds and smells completed the local feel and experience.

Early morning on Day Six (Friday 10 November), the visitors started for Mandu. Known for the Jahaz Mahal, Jami Masjid, and Roopmati Pavilion among several other architectural marvels, Mandu is many things moulded into one: a city in existence since the 6th century BC, housing Mandu Fort (the country’s biggest fort) and the monument that inspired the Taj Mahal. The next day, Saturday 11 November, the visiting students and staff of De Montfort University returned to the UK.

Interactive, instructive, and collaborative, the week-long program with its range of indoor and outdoor activities uniquely combined fun and learning for the participants. Inspired by holistic learning for managerial knowledge and capabilities, the program reflects the efforts to create a lively and robust platform for tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • The classrooms are spacious, air conditioned and equipped with multimedia and Audio-Visual equipments to foster effective learning.
  • The classrooms are designed to have maximum interaction between faculty and students.
  • The campus also has mentoring rooms to discuss individual student’s specific problems.

Computer & Internet Facilities

  • Computer facilities at DCBS, includes a well-equipped computer lab, which houses 30 computers connected to the server with local area network.
  • The campus has a Wi-Fi (wireless) system with 24 hours network connectivity.
  • The school has its own ERP system, which facilities online attendance and evaluation.
  • In addition, the intra-net / e-Black Board are used to publish detailed lecture handouts to enable students access module related information/ lecture notes.


  • The library on campus houses a good range of reference & core textbooks.
  • It also subscribes to the good number of leading national & international business journals, periodicals, magazines & newspapers.
  • The library has its own collection of CDs, DVDs and Multimedia kits.
  • The library subscribes to EBSCO & Athens Business source premier, which provide access to more than 7000 international journals in full-text format.

Girls’ Hostel

  • The Girls’ hostel situated in the campus provides an excellent and secured lodging alternative to outstation girl students.
  • The hostel has well furnished rooms with attached facilities, a common recreation room with all the modern facilities and a small pantry.
  • The hostel enjoys 24 hours broadband Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet connectivity. Newspapers, magazines· Llaundry and mess facilities are also provided to the hostel residents.