NEN’s main objectives are entrepreneurship development, to build and enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem and for skilling though various modes of workshops, trainings etc. For this purpose, Wadhwani Operation Foundation (WOF) has procured and/or developed world class curricula, content and methodology in form of “Ignite” programme.

DC Business School plans to integrate the “Ignite” programme in its PGDM curriculum. Entrepreneurship is also one of the specialisations offered to the students. There is no cost involved.This will not only help to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the students and “igniting” them for startups or better management of family business.

Learn Entrepreneurship From the Very Best

If you think of starting your own business, do you want to be proactive and solve the issues facing our world today, do you dream of making an impact?
NextGen program is here to make your goals a reality!