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Empower AGROECOLOGY  The 10 Elements Of AgroEcology - Guiding The Transition To Sustainable Food And Agricultural System -Shreya Gangwar     According to Global Hunger Index 2020, 690 million people are undernourished, 144 million children suffer chronic malnutrition and 5.3 million children died before their fifth birthdays in 2018 and a million children suffer from wasting... Read More

The Prize of Patience

Yashvi Patle  In Nazareth, a small village in Tamil Nadu, 10 year old Alvis sat in front of the television, watching animals in scenic locations across the world. Beautiful peacocks, ferocious lions and swift deer. He could watch them all day. ‘Come here’, Alvis’s mother called out to him from outside the house. With his eyes still on the majestic beasts on the screen, he replied ... Read More

Creating Wealth With Mutual Funds

Varun Gurnani Being an aggressive investor is not necessary to create wealth with mutual funds for your mid-term and long-term goals - (Anonymous) Mutual Funds (MFs) provide a safe and easy option in creating wealth. An MF is financial product that pools money from different individuals and invests it on their behalf into various assets, such as equity, debt, gold etc. According to the risk ap... Read More